Dolce Diletto

Dolce Far Niente – The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

Picture this: A picnic on Lake Como; freshly baked bread, pastries, and tarts all packed in a basket; sipping on a lovely red wine or enjoying your favorite gelato… and nowhere else to be but present. The perfect pastime of languishing happily and just letting the world pass by while you soak it all in – “dolce far niente.”

To say life feels busy at times would be an understatement. People are always on the go – trying to get to their appointment, meet their next deadline, juggle work, send the email, plan for the week, or save the world. The list goes on. A moment to take a break and capture life in all its beauty with no worry about what to do next sounds so decadent. It’s also something we all crave but may need some help or a friendly reminder on how to partake in such simplicity.

Dolce Diletto is the place to embrace the sweetness of doing nothing. It’s a place to take a pause, hang out, and savor the creaminess of gelato or warmth of a cappucino. Indulgence in such treats may be a guilty pleasure, but it’s time to let go of the guilt for not constantly planning or accomplishing and take those much-needed moments of dolce far niente. We hope Dolce Diletto can be your reminder and place to not only enjoy a scoop (or two) of gelato, but also enjoy time with the people you care about in this crazy thing called life.

What’s the Scoop?

Gelato vs. Ice Cream


Gelato is richer, silkier, and denser than American ice cream. Gelato is also churned at a much slower rate than ice cream. This incorporates less air and keeps the gelato dense, soft, creamy and intense with flavor.


Authentic gelato, like Dolce Diletto’s, uses more milk and less cream in comparison to ice cream. USDA regulations state that ice cream must contain at least 10% butterfat, with most brands having between 14-25%. Gelato has only about 4-9% butterfat, making its flavors more intense on your palette.


Gelato is served at 10-20 degrees F, while ice cream is stored at 0 degrees F and served at 6-10 degrees F. We are able to taste foods that are warmer, which enhances the flavor of gelato on our taste buds.



Our gelato is made daily in house using authentic Italian methods and seasonal ingredients. We love perfecting our craft by keeping up to date on the latest gelato trends while also staying true to the art and culture of gelato making. Dolce Diletto gelato is made with all natural ingredients, whole milk & cream, and no artificial colors. We look forward to serving smiles by offering rotating flavors alongside our customer favorites.

The Classics






Seasonal Sorbet (DF/V)


Amarena Diletto


For Adults Only

Prosecco & Sorbet Float

Guinness & Gelato Float

Dine-in & Take-Out

Pick up a pint to take home!